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Our Travels

Do you believe that young people from all backgrounds should have access to a transformative travel and leadership experience? YGP offers various programs and experiences where you can gain your experience and travel the world

National Travel

This program is designed for all YGP, Inc’s members. The national trips will range from 1-14 days. Traveling nationally will give students a chance to explore their own country and prepare them for international trips. During these trips, students will always see educational sites (museums, colleges, etc) and experience fun activities (amusement parks, water parks, excursions, etc). This will allow students to have a total travel experience. 


International Travel

This program is specifically designed for upperclassmen (could change in certain circumstances.) The international trips can last 5-21 days. This program is meant to broaden student’s global perspective. Students will be challenged to think outside of the box and log journal and photo/video entries. Once home, the students will conduct a community event reflecting what they learned in their travel. In retrospect, this will connect their education that they increased from traveling abroad to what is happening at home.


Community Service

Students will learn the importance of community service while also learning how to successfully lead a community project. In this program, students will plan and conduct their own community event. This event will specifically correlate with their travel experiences with YGP, Inc. Students will also be required to participate in planned community service activities with YGP, Inc. These activities will be scheduled for every other month.

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