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 Let us show your children the world for little to no cost!


Youth who live in low economic households have fewer travel experiences and opportunities. Inability to travel causes individuals to become stuck in their environments and closeminded to other cultures. As a result, youth begin to make fun of other people’s cultures and customs, primarily because they have never been exposed to them.


Students will have the opportunity to travel with other students in their city. Students will take the 5 required courses over a 10 month span (once a month). These courses are geared towards preparing the students for their international trip. Between these courses and their international trip, students will enhance their geography, leadership, foreign language, cultural awareness, and testing skills. 

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” - Agustine of Hippo

Our Mission

The mission of YGP is to provide underprivileged youth with immersive cultural experiences that encourage them to understand their own, as well as, other cultures and share their perspectives.

Our Mission

Our Vision

A world where youth can study, experience, and respect all cultures.

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